Destined path from the start

Selena's first inclination was towards the business and marketing domain and she swiftly completed her first bachelor of Business. Directly afterwards Selena went on to manage and own businesses in her home town of Townsville in the the Far North. The business bug was shared with her partner in life Glen Murray and while they made a loving family  they also made a life of investment in the seaside village of Mission Beach.

Plethera of experience

At the heart of any business is the need to understand the core intentions. Selena has that intense and valuable first hand experience combined with her academic knowledge to give insight not often discovered. The long lasting businesses Glen and Selena have run in the sleepy town of Mission Beach is a tribute to her on going, never failng efforts and beliefs. This industry insider understanding is what sets Selena Murray apart as a consultant. Glen and Selena's core business in dog treats and waste management in the seafood industry is expanding. Selena's wealth of knowledge revolves around ensuring businesses utilise all waste elements of their products and maintain that sustainability into to the future.